Wawayanda Creek Watershed Map

'Trees for Tribs' Planting Plan
Strategic Plan for the Wawayanda Creek
Village of Warwick, NY

The Wawayanda Creek corridor runs through the heart of the Village of Warwick, New York. This in depth study considered multiple aspects that characterize the creek corridor since it is the thread that connects the community together.

The study analyzed the Creek at various scales including the larger watershed. Areas were broken down into units for more detailed study. The plan investigated the environmental, historical, cultural, recreational and economic aspects of the stream corridor and documented its opportunities and liabilities.

The study proposes establishing walking trails, pedestrian linkages and parks, as well as enhancing and restoring eroded creek areas. This study provides vision, makes recommendations and proposes strategies for the Wawayanda Creek corridor to improve the economic climate and recreational opportunities of the Village of Warwick.