Site Planning

Envision an overall concept for the site to form a useful, visually interesting and biodiverse landscape:

  • Carefully analyze the site’s existing attributes such as history, visual assets, vegetation, soils and topography;
  • Creatively address the interface between the site’s proposed use and its unique aesthetic and environmental qualities;
  • Propose informed choices for the location of new structures and landscape elements that take advantage of views, exposure and orientation within the site;
  • Tailor the use of the site to the Client’s needs while presenting an imaginative, refined design solution that is sustainable.

Landscape Design Development

Create landscape plans that realize the vision for the Client’s unique project criteria:

  • Furnish a full scope of plans, details and specifications tailored to the scale of each project;
  • Emphasize imaginative use of natural materials such as stone, wood and water as well as contemporary materials that are environmentally progressive;
  • Focus on imaginative planting designs that feature indigenous and non-invasive species for beauty, color, texture and seasonal interest;
  • Coordinate project implementation with contractors and design professionals; provide follow-up and maintenance plans to retain integrity of the design.

Sustainable Alternatives

Offer sustainable methods of site design to preserve and restore site resources:

  • Native Landscapes – Skill using all native species in planting plans including wildflower meadows, streamside restorations, xeriscaping, bird, butterfly and pollinator gardens;
  • Sustainable Stormwater Management – Use of environmentally sound practices such as bioretention, rain gardens, constructed wetlands and permeable paving;
  • Site Protection/Restoration – Plans showing tree protection, erosion control methods, wetland and watercourse protection, restoration of disturbed sites;
  • Consulting LEED AP – Knowledgeable of LEED rating system especially as applied to site design, green roofs and water use.