Stream Corridor Restoration Project
Chestnut Creek
Town of Neversink, NY

The Chestnut Creek is located behind the Neversink Town Hall and flows into one of the major reservoirs of the NYC watershed, the Rondout. Water quality is a key issue.

Restaino Design provided the design for this restoration which was a joint project among the New York City Department of Environmental Protection, the Sullivan County Soil & Water Conservation District and the Town of Neversink.

Once entirely lawn, the native wildflower, grasses, shrub and tree plantings capture and cleanse stormwater from the Town Hall parking area before it reaches the Chestnut Creek.

Despite entire inundation in 2005 and 2007, the installation has stood up well over time. The plantings require regular but modest maintenance.

Envisioned as a ‘Demonstration Project,’ the Plan specified colorful native species of plants to create habitat for wildlife, control erosion and provide an attractive environment for Town Hall visitors and employees as well as community residents.

This project was selected as a case study for the Sustainable Sites Initiative of the ASLA and continues to be a source of educational opportunities for the local Tri-Valley School whose horticultural program uses the project as an outdoor classroom.